new03_e0Those Pink Uniforms (inducted November 30, 2017)

Believe it or not, there was actually a time when wearing a pink hockey uniform had nothing to do with breast cancer awareness, and everything to do with insulting the pride of women across an entire country.

Colin Chaulk’s Number Retirement (inducted May 26, 2017)

When a professional athlete gets his number retired, it is the ultimate display of love and respect from the franchise you helped lead to victory time and time again.  This induction is exactly that minus the love and respect.

The Cleveland Barons’ Bad Bussie (inducted March 31, 2017)

If you’re ever the guest of honour at a luncheon in Cleveland, you might want to avoid taking the bus to get there.

Cooperalls (inducted February 17, 2017)

To celebrate Valentines’ Day, we have for you a piece of equipment that is guaranteed to give you the warm and fuzzies: the infamous Cooperalls.  If you played organized hockey at anytime between the mid-70s and the mid-90s, you definitely remember these things.

The FoxTrax Puck (inducted November 11, 2016)

Want to know where all those fancy graphics Fox superimposes on the football field every Sunday came from?  The Hockey Hall of Shame presents you the graphics’ granddaddy: the FoxTrax Puck.

The Apple USB Mouse (inducted September 16, 2016)

What do Charlie Finley, Heinz, Pepsi, and Steve Jobs have in common?  They all tried to redefine what made their worlds turn and failed.  Want to know what is considered by many people as the worst hockey puck ever made?  That would be the… Apple USB mouse?

Mister Gauthier’s Neighbourhood (inducted August 28, 2016)

Today, Habs fans everywhere get to exorcise the demons of (recent) failures past and celebrate the induction of the worst general manager in Montreal Canadiens history.

The Guardian Project (inducted July 27, 2016)

Our second initial inductee is the lesser-known, but far more recent Guardian Project.  Comic book fans may want to hide their eyes when reading this article.  Just be warned, all you Avengers fans, there is a nasty surprise lurking inside!

Finley’s White Skates (inducted July 27, 2016)

One of the most infamous marketing decisions in hockey history: Charles O. Finley’s ill-conceived white skates, which he forced upon his beleaguered California Golden Seals back in January 1972.  This moment is truly the rock on which the HHOS was founded.