If You’re a Fan of Annoying Boy Bands, This is Your Day!

Hi everyone! This week, I’ve added a classic Hockey News article about the big trade that sent Carol Vadnais to Boston for Reggie Leach, Bobby Stewart, and Rick Smith. General manager Garry Young had many reasons to feel optimistic as this trade turned out to be a very good one for the Seals. Leach, Stewart, and Smith all had long NHL careers, and Leach was an ultra-talented goal-scorer destined for greatness. Unfortunately, before the start of the next season, most of the Seals’ nucleus had bolted for the new World Hockey Association, and despite some strong play from the Seals’ new trio, the team had become a shell, and that optimism quickly disappeared. You can read the article¬†here.

Many years later, the New York Rangers had themselves a trio of young players destined they expected to lead them back to glory. Doug Weight, Tony Amonte, and Steven Rice were highly-touted prospects, and two of them had excellent careers, but they wouldn’t be around to see the Rangers complete their turnaround and capture the 1994 Stanley Cup. That being said, 1991-92 was a wild time for these three young bucks, as you will see in this week’s cardboard atrocity. I must warn you, however, if you have a weak stomach that tends to react at the sight of goofy boy bands, you may want to stay away.

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