Whoa, surf’s up dude! If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear the New York Rangers once had a boy band playing for them.

If you haven’t figured out what I mean by that, check out some of these douchy, phony, “casual” photos of boy bands…

See how they’re all just having so much totally-real-not-at-all fake fun. Everything 100% genuine! Because that’s how all young guys act with absolutely no alcohol anywhere in their system, hamming it up, mugging to the camera. Because they’re all life-long friends who were never ever just assembled by some record producer looking to make a quick buck selling the image of good looking young guys to no-nothing tweens who wouldn’t know a real band if Keith Richards and Mick Jagger started rocking out in their living room.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand… this thing:

Doug Weight, Steven Rice, and Tony Amonte were all rookies during the 1990-91 NHL season. You may know Doug Weight today as the head coach of the up-and-coming New York Islanders, but before that he enjoyed a wonderful, long career, scoring 1,033 points in 1,238 games, including a 104-point season in 1995-96. While Weight was more known as a playmaker, Amonte was the goal-scorer of the group, notching 416 goals and 484 assists in 1,174 games. Rice, however, was not quite as lucky as his boy bandmates, scoring just 125 points in 329 games.