Homer Simpson Once Said TV Was Bart’s Best Friend… and the Boy’s Clearly Not Alone!

Welcome back to Golden Seals Hockey, the only place on the World Wide Web where you can celebrate the complete history of the California Seals and Cleveland Barons!

We have some great new additions for you this week.  The first is a brand new section where I invite you to give your opinion on all matters concerning the Seals and Barons.  In this week’s survey, I am posting the first two brackets of our new Seals/Barons Uniform Playoff, where I intend to find out which of the franchise’s uniforms was the best.  Even though the team only existed for seventeen years, there were a TON of different uniforms designed over that span, some of which were fantastic, while others were… well, let’s just say we probably won’t be seeing them at any heritage nights in the near future due to the fact using certain bright colours nowadays is probably considered some sort of pollution that even Donald Trump would be willing to spend money eradicating.

The other new addition is a wonderfully stupid card from the 1990-91 Score set, featuring the 1990 Memorial Cup Champion Oshawa Generals and their very special, usually-unseen, uh… teammate? Road-trip distraction? Paper weight? I think you’ll have to check out the silliness for yourself to figure it out.

Until next time, stay gold!