For all of you forty-something hockey fans out there, we bring you a vision of the future from the past.  Remember that movie Tron from way back in 1982.  This was a cutting-edge movie back then, complete with computer special effects the likes of which we had never seen.  O-Pee-Chee clearly believed the NHL was going to adopt elements of Tron one day so they decided to get a jump on the competition and start designing their cards with a little je ne sais quoi from Disney’s classic sci-fi romp.


Here’s Chris Kotsopoulos looking like one of the bad guys from the movie. His phony-looking helmet absolutely GLOWS!  Just take a look at this screen grab of one of the “Red Guys” as they were once referred as on Family Guy.


If the Leafs and Red Wings ever meet in the 2234 Stanley Cup Finals, this is what the opening face-off will probably look like.  Ok, that’s probably a bit of an exaggeration.  The Leafs in the Stanley Cup Final?  Come on, that’s just being ridiculous!

The airbrushing here in the Kostopoulos card is typical of late 1980s O-Pee-Chee.  The helmet looks absolutely cartoonish.  You gotta love how O-Pee-Chee would always include that glare on the helmets of players who were traded after the photo was taken.  Everything in the 80s just had to have that extra special flair.