Who is Doug Foerster, you ask?  I have absolutely no freakin’ clue.  Apparently he sold tickets for the Maine Mariners, which in 1988-89, was the farm team of the Boston Bruins.  Maybe Doug just ripped tickets at the door, I don’t know.  I honestly don’t know what this card company was thinking with this card.  If they thought it was such a great idea to create a card for the ticket dude, why didn’t they go all out and create cards for the arena ushers, the girl who answered the phones in the head office, the guy who sews the names on the backs of uniforms, the general manager’s nephew, and the local puck bunnies hoping to snag a hockey player.  What a missed opportunity to be the first hockey team with its own 396-card set.  Shame, I say!

Judging by Doug’s face, even he seems surprised he’s standing in front of a camera.  Gotta say, Doug here is lookin’ quite stylish in his snazzy sweater, apparently bought from the yard sale of a contestant from The Newlywed Game.  All that’s missing is the porn stache for the complete 80s look.  Then again, maybe Doug could see that the 80s look was on its way out thanks to those up-and-coming bands from Seattle, and he was transitioning to a hipper 90s look.  Rock on, Doug!