This week, I present to you unquestionably the most boring hockey card ever conceived: Randy Wood holding paper, circa 1992.  I can literally find a live version of this picture just sitting on the bus on my way to work: some dude in a suit reading blueprints that look like they came off an old dot matrix printer.  How exciting!  Ok, so maybe the dude wouldn’t be reading paper from a dot matrix printer today, but still… pretty damn boring.

For those of you who don’t remember, we’ve featured Randy on this site before in the infamous 1995-96 Be a Player set. You know the one

Here is Randy’s card from that strange stack of cardboard:

Apparently Randy had a different hobby before branching out into the Hollywood golf scene.  I’m guessing he must have been as bored by his hobby as we are of his card, and decided to go a different route.  Good for you Rand!