I can’t believe I’m actually looking at this right now: a Wheeling Thunderbirds hockey card featuring two guys no one has EVER heard of.  I understand including even the most unimportant of bench warmers to a team set, but “those guys”?  I mean, what does that even mean?  Is this a local Wheeling joke or something?  Are they morning sports radio jockeys?  Are they Zamboni drivers?  Are they concession stand workers?

I decided to do some in-depth research to try to find out more about “those guys”, and by “in-depth research” I mean “quick Google search”.  There’s apparently a Those Guys a capella group based out of Winnipeg, and one guy in the group, his name is, I kid you not, WES RAMBO!  Now that is one AWESOME name!  THAT GUY deserves a card, or at least a cameo in Sylvester Stallone’s next joint.

On a completely unrelated note, I also found out there’s such a thing as the Ace Burpee Show on Virgin Radio 103.1. And with that, my life now feels complete.

What else is there? Oh, here’s a Those Guys Productions… in Mumbai.  Hmm, I’m guessing those guys aren’t the same “those guys” from Wheeling.

And there’s also a Those Guys senior creative team based out of Sydney, Australia.  Again, guessing those guys aren’t “those guys”.

And that takes me to the bottom of page one of the Google search, which takes me to the end of my in-depth research.  I guess we’ll never really know who “those guys” really were.  We’ll just have to settle for all those fond memories they’ve given us over the last few minutes… those yellow shirts all tucked in… those casual poses against the crossbar… the one guy who was taller than the other… tall guy’s wristwatch (that was his trademark, I heard)… all I can say is thank you for making all of our lives better.