You’re probably thinking, “Geez, this card looks pretty normal. Steve must have really hit his head hard this time to think that one of Espo’s cards should be in the Hockey Hall of Shame.”  Ah, but upon closer inspection, something about this card is a little off.

Ok, sure Espo’s number 17 gloves don’t match is number 7 jersey.  I’ll let that little faux pas slide as we all know most hockey players from that era, when they were asked to pose for a photo, just grabbed whatever jersey and gloves were nearby and let the photog shoot away.  But check out Espo’s pants!  The early 1970s Herb-Tarlek-WKRP-in-Cincinnati plaid is always a classic!  The jersey with no pads underneath, just thrown on as he was running out of the house, it looks like he’s gearing up for a ball hockey game but he knows he won’t have time to rush home afterwards and get changed for that big business lunch, so Espo took those lemons and made some lemonade!  Good for him for thinking outside the box!