This week, we have NHL Hall-of-Famer Denis Savard looking most awkward in the dressing room of the Montreal Canadiens.  Not only does he look NOTHING like a hockey player in this photo, but he just seems to be hanging around looking at a random poster of horses. Why? No freakin’ clue, but he sure seems happy about it.  I probably should read the backs of these things once in a while.  I figure they must explain a lot, but I’m just too lazy.  Besides, I already did that with the Isbister card a few months back, and that explained absolutely nothing.

Ah, you know what, just for you, I am going to flip this thing over and peruse the back.

Ah… well that explains the horse poster… sort of. I still don’t quite know why Upper Deck would take a picture of Denis looking at a horse poster.  Did they ask Denis to bring a horse picture to a team practice or did he just routinely show up for work with random horse pictures?  I’ve never actually been to a Montreal Canadiens practice, but I’m guessing horse posters did little to improve their power play.