There’s just something really off about this card.  I don’t know if it’s the gap in Dave Balon’s teeth or the fact his head clearly does not belong on that body.  Or maybe it’s the way “Dave’s” arms are positioned, and how his head is slightly tilted to the left making it look like he wants to challenge us to a fight.  “C’mon bro, you wanna dance?” his arms are saying, but I just can’t get mad at that face.

Dave’s tenure in Vancouver started promisingly enough.  He was traded to Vancouver in November 1971, and proceeded to score 19 goals and 19 assists in 59 games, which was pretty decent indeed for a 33-year-old. He started to show his age the following season, however, scoring just five points in 57 games. Since he had been selected by the Quebec Nordiques in the WHA general player draft, he signed with the Nords for the 1973-74 season, but after just nine games and zero points, Dave called it a career.  In all, the two-time Stanley Cup champion scored 192 goals and 222 assists in 776 NHL games with Montreal, New York, Vancouver, and Minnesota.