At first glance, this card doesn’t seem so bad.  Sure, at first we notice that the Hockey Hall-of-Famer got the old Phil Watson-circa-early-1960s treatment as O-Pee-Chee took Allan Stanley’s face from his 1967-68 card, while he was still a member of the Toronto Maple Leafs, and then stuck it onto the typical cartoon body that was so prominently featured in the 1968-69 set.  The other thing worth mentioning, which you may not have noticed, is the fact that Allan is holding what appears to be a stick with only half a shaft and absolutely no blade.  I had no idea players were able to forge Hall-of-Fame careers using such shoddy equipment, but once again, I’ve been proven wrong.  Fortunately for today’s soft, and obviously less talented players, the NHL forces everyone to use full sticks during games, and referees actually dole out two-minute penalties for daring to play like Allan Stanley did.  For shame, I say!  If anyone wants to play with a handicap to give the other team a fair shake, he should be allowed to do so!  Whatever happened to that old spirit of competition?