The St. Louis Blues have some mighty interesting cards in their first-ever set of hockey cards, and this one of Ab McDonald might be the absolute nadir.  I mean, there is literally nothing right on this thing except for his head.  Let’s start off with the fact not only Ab got the old cartoon uniform treatment, but his Blues uniform is the completely wrong shade of blue.  In fact, it looks a lot like what the California Golden Seals would sport their last two seasons in the NHL.

And just look at that crest!

What the hell is that thing?  I mean, surely there were better options out there, weren’t there?  Like this one perhaps?

In my opinion, this photo is much more, shall we dare say, NON-STUPID, except for the fact that BOTH of these cards appear in the same set.  Yes, Ab McDonald has TWO cards in the same set.  This second card is #180 in the set.  Why keep the first card in the first place when there is a perfectly acceptable one already making the rounds?  Funny thing is that Ab has two cards and neither one feature him with the team who actually picked him up in the 1967 expansion draft.  He actually played the 1967-68 season with Pittsburgh, scoring a decent 22 goals and 21 assists.  Topps chose to put him in a Pittsburgh uniform, but O-Pee-Chee?  Nope.  Sometimes, I don’t understand O-Pee-Chee, but God love ’em for always trying.