This card is an incredible train wreck.  Topps must have been in one hell of a rush to allow this thing get to the printing press.  For one thing, Don Luce is sporting what might be the worst-ever rendition of the Toronto Maple Leafs logo.  Just compare it to the real thing in the bottom right corner of the card.  Not only is the logo atrocious, but Luce is clearly wearing Buffalo Sabres (maybe L.A. Kings) gloves.  His helmet is also a different shade of blue than his lovely hand-drawn jersey.  No wonder Don here is looking up at the sky, clearly wondering why God has forsaken him to the hell that was the Toronto Maple Leafs of the Harold Ballard era.  In his heyday, Don was a pretty damn good hockey player, posting six consecutive 20-goal/50-point seasons with Buffalo.  Most years, he was actually around the 25-goal/60-70 point range, so he was good, but as his star began to fade, he was shipped off to L.A. for ten games before finding his way to Toronto.  After just 39 games in the blue-and-white (and yellow, and slightly different shade of blue), Don called it a career, finishing up with 225 goals, 329 assists, and 554 points in 894 total games.  He was also a more-than-respectable +197 over his career.  Considering that includes half-a-season with Ballard’s Leafs, that is quite the accomplishment.