In the 1990s, times were tough for NHL players.  Real tough.  I mean, despite the hundreds of thousands of dollars, sometimes millions of dollars, they were all earning, many of them had second jobs and side businesses.  For example, in 1992, Pat Elynuik hopped on the then-burgeoning sports card craze and bought himself a card shop that specialized in nothing but Topps products.  He had the 1991-92 Topps hockey boxes, which you can see on either side of his head, and he had the 1992-93 Topps Stadium Club boxes, and he had… well, that’s about it, apparently.  I can’t imagine his business having done very well, however, since the Topps sets of that era were barely worth the cardboard they were printed on, and to pay the rent, he would have had to sell approximately 1,748,629 of those boxes every month.

Geez, Pat, don’t you know you’re not supposed to just fan all of your cards out onto the table like that.  Where are the 9-card plastic binder sheets and individual plastic sleeves?