Question: Have you ever seen a player looking more annoyed at being photographed for his hockey card than Robert Reichel?  Just look at the stare of death he’s giving the photographer.  I’ve seen Barry Bonds look more ecstatic during media scrums where he’s being asked about his relationship with performance enhancers.  I have a theory about what I think happened here.  I think Reichel was having a bad day when he arrived at practice.  Maybe his kid spilled milk all over the morning paper, and then Robert got a speeding ticket on the way to the rink or something.  All he wanted to do at the rink was try his damnedest to escape the Topps crew looking to take a few pictures for their latest set of hockey cards.  I can just see him constantly keeping his head down on the bench and putting a stick in front of his face as he’s sitting in the penalty box just so Topps can’t get a decent picture of his face.  Then as the daily scrimmage ended, Robert skated off the ice and walked towards the dressing room when some Flames executive pulled him aside and asked him to sign some hockey sticks for some underprivileged kids or something.  As Reichel sat down to sign said sticks, the photog barged into the dressing room and started snapping away like poor Robert was suddenly Jennifer Lawrence trying to enjoy a quiet snack at the local Jack In The Box.