This week, we have former California Seal Donald Trump, er, I mean Bobby Sheehan.  Sorry, that orange skin on Sheehan’s face threw me off for a minute.  Actually, Sheehan’s skin is probably not that strange a colour at all except the genuises at O-Pee-Chee pasted “She-Cat”‘s head on Gary Croteau’s body, someone who obviously had not recently hit the tanning salon.

Of course, like most players who got traded over the summer, Bobby got the old cut-and-paste treatment which was in vogue in those days.  Some people really loved decapitating the heads off photos back in the 70s and pasting them on other people’s bodies.

Before I end this little adventure into the world of Bobby Sheehan cards, just for hell of it, I’m curious to find out how orange Sheehan is compared to the most hated President in the history of the United States of America?  Trump can’t be that orange can he?  I mean, surely to God all that talk on The Daily Show of Trump looking like a pumpkin must be an exaggeration…

I stand corrected.  I swear Charlie Finley must have used the money he saved skimping on salaries for the Seals and Oakland A’s to buy a time machine to find out who would be the most powerful man in the world in 2017, and use that person as the inspiration for the Golden Seals’ new uniforms.  Man, that is an unnaturally orange face!