The 68-69 O-Pee-Chee set has some fantastically awesome cards, and by “awesome” I mean some of the most hilariously awful cut-and-paste jobs in the history of sports.  We’ve already seen Ted Hampson and Carol Vadnais wearing Seals uniforms drawn by children, and we’ve seen Terry Sawchuk getting ready to mow the lawn, and trust me when say there will be many, many more cards from this set making an appearance on this site.  All of the aforementioned cards were incredible disasterpieces, but this one here might just be my favorite from this set.  Just check out this card of the legendary Frank Mahovlich, who had got traded part-way through the 1967-68 season.  You know what that means.  Break out the scissors and the Crayolas, and get creative!  The sheepish grin on Mahovlich’s face is absolutely priceless.  I also don’t understand why the Red Wings logo is smeared all over his arm.  Whoever did the uniform stitching in Detroit in those days should have been forced to take his or her high school Home Ec. class again.

The other thing about this card is that it plays with your mind.  If you focus your eyes real hard on the centre of the card, you’ll swear Mahovlich’s head is just floating in the top right corner of the card.  Weird, right?