Here are a few other hockey-themed articles you may find interesting, all written by yours truly for the Society for International Hockey Research.  They have almost nothing to do with the California Seals or Cleveland Barons, but in case you are all wondering if I actually do write about ANYTHING other than the Seals and Barons, here you go.

“Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Coca-Cola Bottlers’ Cup” – download here

This article is about the little-known four-game tournament in which the Washington Capitals and Kansas City Scouts participated in Japan back in 1976.  The two expansion teams faced off for this funny little trophy called the Coca-Cola Bottlers’ Cup, and the tournament itself featured some incredibly bizarre moments the players have never forgotten.  This is one of my favourite pieces ever written, and I got to speak to many players from the Caps and Scouts, who not only shared with me some fantastic stories, but also some great articles and newspaper clippings they had saved over the years.  This article appeared in the 2014-15 SIHR annual research journal.

“Blind Faith and a Pig in a Poke” – download here

Bit of a funny story attached to this article.  So, I had this idea for my next article for the SIHR research journal: a history of the short-lived Ottawa Civics of the World Hockey Association.  I spent several months researching the club, writing the article and going over it with a fine-toothed comb, and I submitted it to SIHR before the deadline.  Wouldn’t you know it, less than two weeks after submitting the article, I receive this year’s edition of the Journal, and I notice in the table of contents that there is already an article on the Ottawa Civics!  Since the article is very similar to mine, and that my article really doesn’t add much new information to the history of the franchise, I decided to withdraw it from next year’s journal and post it on this website instead.