This 1962-63 Phil Watson Topps #1 is a strange one to say the least.  Phil here seems half asleep or drunk or both thanks to his one eye being half closed, and his mouth being half open.  I also don’t understand the Father Knows Best look he’s rocking.  Is that a suit or a sweater meant to be worn while smoking a pipe and telling the kids that if they mow the lawn there will be a whole quarter waiting for them when they get back?

The other thing I find weird about this card is that this is the SECOND YEAR IN A ROW they did not pick up on the weirdness of the photo; they used the exact same photo the year before!  Take a look.

This is Phil’s 1961-62 Topps #1 card, except his skin now has a disturbing orange tinge to it, like he’s a long-lost relative of Donald Trump.  And he has the exact same sleepy, drunken expression, and that white Fred McMurray… I want to say suit, but what kind of coach wears a while suit with black lapels behind the bench.  It doesn’t look at all like a sweater or a team jacket, so I’m completely stumped.