Ok, this one might take a while to explain.  I thought the Mike Grier “pizza couch” card had a lot going on but I think Brad Isbister’s card has it beat.  First off, he’s sitting in a shopping cart with what looks to be underwear or a jock strap in it, clutching the butt end of a hockey stick, and wearing a towel around his neck while some guy is either giving him a noogie or shaving his head as some sort of initiation.  I love how while this is going on, the words “National Heroes” are right there above Brad and to his right.  To be honest, I have no idea what the hell is going on because the back of the card explains absolutely nothing:  “An NHL-caliber power forward, Isbister played a key role in Canada’s triumph at the 1997 World Junior Championship.  The Phoenix Coyotes are banking on him doing the same in the pros.”  That’s it.  Again, I humbly ask this question, because I am curious by nature, and I need to know things:  Why in the world would a photographer think, “Now THIS is the shot I need to make this card really pop! I mean, I could just use an action shot of Brad because I was at the rink all day and the boys were out there practicing and scrimmaging, but man, the kids are going to go ape sh*t when they rip THIS card out of the pack!”?