The Upper Deck Be a Player sets from the mid-90s were appallingly awful in every way.  But did you know that Upper Deck was not the first to portray NHL players’ as Joe Everymen?  No, Pinnacle got in on the action way back in 1991-92.  Here we have the legendary tough guy Link “The Missing Link” Gaetz posing below a bunch of… chickens?  Ok, first of all, did anyone at Pinnacle know what the word “chicken” means in the fighting world.  And it doesn’t matter how many blue ribbons you stick in the photo, associating Link to chickens probably did little for his credibility as a fighter.  Second, there are CHICKENS on this HOCKEY card!  I do find it funny though that the chicken is staring right at the camera looking like HE’S gonna jump in and save Link’s butt.  Maybe I was wrong about the word “chicken”, because that is one mean lookin’ animal.  That chicken is staring us down like he’s thinking, “That’s right b*tches… 1st place! What’re ya gonna do about it?”