This is some sloppy card making right here.  Tony McKegney was traded to St. Louis after the 1986-87 season, so obviously, there were no action shots of him in a Blues uniform, but this had never stopped O-Pee-Chee before, as they would always just include a simple “Now with (whatever team)” on the front of the card.  Sometimes though, as we have seen in the past, O-Pee-Chee would simply break out the Crayolas and draw the player’s new uniform over the old one.  At least, that’s what it almost always looked like.  In most cases, these were disastrous-looking two-year-old-toddler drawings which we could have done without.  They could have just put in the standard “Now with insert team name here” line, and we probably all would have been perfectly satisfied.  In Tony’s case, the airbrushed Blues’ uniform actually doesn’t look all that bad.  What is puzzling is the fact he’s clearly wearing a New York Rangers helmet (see the logo on it?) while wearing a sweater with a different shade of blue.  That would be the St. Louis Blues uniform. See the yellow collar?  If that wasn’t enough of a clue that something is wrong, the word “BLUES” is clearly written in the bottom right corner.  No matter, Tony went on to have a great first year in St. Louis, scoring a career-high 40 goals and 78 points.  The always underrated McKegney would finish his NHL career with 320 goals and 319 assists in 912 games played with a smattering of teams.