At a glance, this actually seems like a pretty normal card, but when you look more closely at Terry Sawchuk’s neck hole, you realize something is amiss.  Why is he wearing what looks like a golf shirt.  Did Terry not get the memo telling him it was picture day?  You know how I at the top of the Overexposed home page, I wrote that it’s not the players’ fault for being saddled with such awful mementos of their careers?  Well, in Terry’s case, I’m thinking he actually was responsible for this awkward piece of cardboard.  In can just picture the day this photo was taken way back in the summer or fall of 1968.  I’m guessing some middle-management type from the Kings drove over to Terry’s house on a nice summer day, right as Terry was about to mow the lawn, dragged him back to the rink to have his picture taken, and then the photographer, who was just about ready to pack it in for the day, just told him, “Ah, just put the jersey right on over the golf shirt, it’ll look fine.  Just stand there looking like you’d rather be anywhere else.”