Welcome to the Hockey Hall of Shame!  Brace yourselves as you delve deep into the weird world of professional hockey.  Here you will get to feast your eyes upon some of hockey’s worst marketing decisions, bone-headed blunders, and overall incompetent twits.  Take a trip down memory lane as you remember all of those disastrous moments that made you wish you had never found the sport of hockey.

In the Dishonourable Inductions wing of the HHOS, you will be treated to articles describing the lamest and most embarrassing products, gadgets, knick-knacks, and plain old crap from hockey’s past.

In the second wing of our hallowed Hall, you will find all of your favourite hockey heroes immortalized on some of the most frightening cardboard creations you can imagine.  After gazing at a few of these cards, you will truly feel as though you’ve been Overexposed to these horrifying images.  Gasp in horror at the cardboard you once spent money on as a kid, but never noticed looked completely out-of-the-ordinary.  Actually, you probably did notice, because even as a ten-year-old, there is no way you would think any of these cards were normal-looking.

In the third, and newest, wing of the HHOS, you can get a glimpse at some of the stupidest, most inane films and television shows that have tried their best to ruin the sport of hockey.  I trust you will agree that these films are worthy of the title Hockeywood Disasterpieces