If you’re looking for Seals and Barons statistics, you are in luck!  Any statistical question you may have should have an answer here.  A lot of work went into compiling these stats, so if you would like to use them for your own research, all I ask is that you credit me for the work I’ve done.

Seals / Barons Team Record Book (WHL and NHL):

In this .pdf file, you will find all of the franchise’s miscellaneous season-by-season stats such as win-loss-tie records, attendance, coaching records, team award winners, All-Star game participants, hat-tricks, penalty shot records, playoff results, and information on team captains, assistant captains, and general managers.  You’ll also find a complete list of career and individual season records.  The Cleveland Barons never published a media guide following their last season in the NHL, so this is about as close as you’ll find to a definitive franchise record book.

Definitive Franchise Record Book (NHL and WHL)



All-time Scoring and Goaltending Stats – Regular Season and Playoffs (WHL and NHL):

Download All-time Scoring and Goaltending Stats


Seals / Barons Game-by-Game Summary (NHL only):

Several sources were consulted to create this one-of-a-kind summary of every NHL game played by the California Seals and Cleveland Barons.  The two main sources that I consulted were Sebastien Tremblay’s Goaltenders: the expansion years (1967-1979) and The Hockey Summary Project.  It should be noted that the information used herein (from the Hockey Summary Project) was obtained free of charge from and is copyrighted by The Hockey Summary Project.  For more information about the Hockey Summary Project please visit http:://hsp.flyershistory.com or  http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/hockey_summary_project/.  This is how I created a base from which I could work.  I noticed, however, that some statistics did not match in both of these sources, and as I dug deeper into my research, I realized that many other sources had different statistics as well.

To ensure an accurate collection of date, I consulted several newspapers from the Bay Area, including but not limited to the Oakland Tribune, the Hayward Daily Review, the San Mateo Times, and the Fremont Argus.  Other publications consulted included the Winnipeg Free Press, the Lethbridge Herald, and The Hockey News.  That being said, these statistics, especially attendance records, and shots on goal records, should not be considered official by any means as statistics often varied from one newspaper to another, making it extremely difficult to gauge which number was correct.  You will see that the Seals/Barons’ overall shots on goal from season to season, do not add up to the same number if you add up the shots on goal by each individual player.  Obviously, without the luxury of official game summaries for every contest played, shots on goal by individual players is an impossible statistic to double-check for accuracy.  Despite the obvious challenges in compiling this data, this compilation still gives an excellent indication of the Seals’ and Barons’ performance in the games in which they played.

Miscellaneous notes about the summary: Many of the attendance figures for games played in Chicago and Vancouver are the estimated figures published in newspapers.  In the case of two goaltenders playing for the Seals in one game, the first goaltender listed is the starter. Bold italic print indicates one empty-net goal was scored, either for the Seals/Barons or their opponents.  These statistics are not included in pre-season games as summaries for these contests were spotty at best in the newspapers of the era.  Empty net goals each count as one shot on goal and are included in the overall total.

Download Seals and Barons game by game summary – modified July 2016


Seals / Barons Year-by-Year Scoring and Goaltending Stats (WHL and NHL):

In these two .pdf files, you will find year-by-year statistics for every Seals player as well as every goaltender to ever play for the club. It should be noted that shots for and against statistics are not 100% accurate since the NHL did not keep track of these statistics until the early 1980s. The goaltender statistics you see here were compiled by looking through various game summaries that were found in publications such as The Hockey News, Winnipeg Free Press, Oakland Tribune, San Mateo Times, Hayward Daily Review, as well as the book Goaltenders: the expansion era, 1967-79, by Sebastien Tremblay. While these statistics may not be 100% accurate, they are about as close as you are ever going to find, so enjoy!

Download WHL Seals Year-by-Year Scoring and Goaltending Stats

Download NHL Seals-Barons Year-by-Year Scoring and Goaltending Stats


Seals / Barons Player Registers (NHL only):

Since it would be too exhaustive to put the Seals’ extensive player register directly on this page, you can download it in .pdf format right here.  If you notice any mistakes, please be sure to forward them to me so I can make the necessary corrections.

Download Player Register – Forwards and Defencemen

Download Goaltender Register


Seals vs. Flyers Game Notes – October 25, 1974download here

These game notes and up to date statistics were included in the Seals game program I received from Mark Greczmiel a few weeks ago.  I was glad to receive this program since it was given out the night of the infamous brawl in which the Seals’ Mike Christie was beaten up in the penalty box by the Flyers’ goon squad.  I find the game notes interesting because there is so much attention given to the previous penalty-filled games the two teams engaged in.  Little did anyone know how rough this game was going to get.