While not many books have been written about our beloved, beleaguered Seals, there are definitely some great books out there with chapters, interviews, and blurbs revolving around the Seals and their descendants from Cleveland.  As I continue to read through my ever-growing library of hockey books at home, I’ll likely come across some other titles books for this list, but if anyone knows of any books that significantly mention the Seals, and that are not on this list, shoot me a message and I’ll be sure to add them.

Arnold, Ed. Hockey Town: life before the pros. Toronto: McClelland & Stewart, 2004.

Bass, Alan.  The Great Expansion: the Ultimate Risk That Changed the NHL forever. Bloomington: iUniverse, 2011.

Baun, Bobby and Anne Logan.  Lowering the Boom: the Bobby Baun Story. Toronto: Stoddart, 2000.

Beddoes, Richard, Stan Fischler, and Ira Gitler.  Hockey! The Story of the World’s Fastest Sport. New York: The Macmillan Company, 1971.

Blair, Wren, Ron Brown and Jill Blair. The BIrd: the life and times of hockey legend Wren Blair. Kingston: Quarry Heritage, 2003.

Brewitt, Ross.  Into the Empty Net: Tales of Big League Hockey. Toronto: Stoddart Publishing, 1994.

Conway, Russ.  Game Misconduct: Alan Eagleson and the Corruption of Hockey. Toronto: Macfarlane, Walter & Ross, 1995.

Croucher, Philip.  Road to the NHL: The Incredible Stories of 25 Maritimers Making It To The Show. Lunenberg: MacIntyre Purcell Publishing, 2013.

Dowbiggin, Bruce.  The Defense Never Rests.  Harpercollins, 1993.

Eskenazi, Gerald.  Hockey, New York: Grosset & Dunlap, 1973.

Fischler, Stan. The Zany World of Hockey. National Sports Publishing Corporation, 1979.

Green, G. Michael and Roger D. Launius. Charlie Finley: The Outrageous Story of Baseball’s Super Showman, New York: Walker & Company, 2010.

Greig, Murray. Big Bucks and Blue Pucks: from Hull to Gretzky, an Anecdotal History of the Late, Great World Hockey Association. Toronto: Macmillan Canada, 1997.

Henderson, Krazy George. Krazy George: Still Krazy After All These Cheers. Krazy George Entertainment, 2014.

Imlach, Punch and Scott Young. Heaven and Hell in the NHL. Toronto: McClelland & Stewart, 1982.

Irvin, Dick. Now Back to You Dick. Toronto: McClelland & Stewart, 1989.

Irvin, Dick. In The Crease: Goaltenders Look at Life in the NHL. Toronto: McClelland & Stewart, 1995.

Jenish, D’Arcy. The NHL: 100 years of on-ice action and boardroom battles. Toronto: Doubleday, 2013.

Kiczek, Gene. High Sticks and Hat-Tricks: a History of Hockey in Cleveland, Euclid, OH: Blue Line Publications, 1996.

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Podnieks, Andrew. Players: the Ultimate A-Z Guide to Everyone Who Has Ever Played in the NHL. Toronto: Doubleday, 2003.

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Proudfoot, Jim. Hockey L.N.H. 77-78. Traduction de Pro Hockey ’77-’78. Montreal: Quinze, 1977. (Sorry, I’ve only ever found the French version of this book)

Raider, Adam.  Frozen in Time: a Minnesota North Stars History, Lincoln, NB: University of Nebraska Press, 2014.

Reid, Ken. Hockey Card Stories: true tales from your favourite players. Toronto: ECW Press, 2014.

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