Special “Back to School” Announcement!

It’s “back to school” time for many of you, but for ole Steve here it’s business as usual, and unlike you, his homework never stopped in the first place.  Golden Seals Hockey is pleased to announce that in just a little over a week, on September 16, there will be a very special, new induction to the Hockey Hall of Shame you won’t want to miss!  On the day the new Apple iPhone 7 will have everyone waiting in lines around the block, I will be sitting at home posting a new induction, and I hope you all use your new hand-held devices to check it out.  It will be something very techie, yet hockey-related, and definitely something that is long overdue to be mocked.

Check out a few new Seals-related articles today as well in the Articles section. The first one is an excellent two-part interview with Seals legend Gary “Cobra” Simmons, the man whose masks currently reside in the Hall of Fame, and whose story is one-of-a-kind.  The other article details the infamous October 25, 1974 brawl between the Seals and Philadelphia Flyers where several members of the Broad Street Bullies attacked California defenseman Mike Christie in the penalty box.  The incident remains one of the more unfortunate landmarks in the history of both franchises as numerous penalty-minute records were set.

Don’t forget to send in your suggestions for new articles or classic newspaper articles you would like to see in the future, since I may have some interesting things in my archives.  If you have any ideas for inductions to the Hall of Shame, send them in too!

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