Finally Setting the Record Straight

Hi everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed themselves a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday. Hopefully, your 2018 will be even better than 2017, which, I know, is not setting the bar terribly high ’cause 2017 was one freakin’ roller-coaster ride, and I don’t mean it in that fun Disney World kind of way. So Happy New Year everyone!

I finally got sick and tired of trying to get my bloody printer to work so I went out on Boxing Day and picked up a brand new one, which means I’ll finally be able to scan and post all of the cool new stuff I’ve wanted to add to the site for months now, so come back in the coming weeks for all that.

This week, I thought I would share with you an article that made feel particularly proud many years ago because it led to my own personal Seals discovery. It is an article proving that the NHL has erroneously believed all along that Bert Olmstead’s coaching record with the Seals was 11-37-16 and Gordon Fashoway’s was 4-5-1. Fleming had his penicillin. Bell had his telephone. Newton had his gravity.  And Steve Currier discovered that Olmstead’s coaching record was actually 10-32-11 and Fashoway’s was 5-10-6. That’s right, folks! Respect! OK, so it’s not exactly the electric car or the Internet, but… oh, just read the damn article to make me happy!

Also, a brand new card in the Overexposed wing of the Hockey Hall of Shame, this time featuring one-time Minnesota North Star Dave Gagner looking like he’s having real issues with the fans watching him play.

Don’t forget to keep casting your votes for the next inductees into the Seals Hall of Fame.  The survey is on the right side of this web page. All you have to do is click on the names of the players you feel are most worthy of the honour and in your votes goes into the ballot box. It’s that easy!

Until next time, stay gold!

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