Here are the Group C and D Winners of the Seals/Barons Uniform Playoff

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This week, I’ve added a few cool new photos courtesy of Elliot Lowe, a San Francisco photographer who generously allowed me to include some of his work in my book.  Back in the mid-70s, during the Seals last season, I believe, he took several shots of the Seals.  About a week ago, he sent me a few pictures of an old Seals puck he had found in an antique store.  Judging by the fact it says “Oakland Seals” on it, it likely comes from the 1968-70 era.  The other new photo this week comes from Greg Lamont.  It is of an old Booster Club pin that he received back in 1974.  You can read all about how he received it in my book.  Greg is looking to sell his pin, so if anyone is interested in buying it, let me know and I’ll send you his e-mail address.

I’m also adding the final segment of the Seals/Barons Uniform Playoff, which, this week, features only Cleveland Barons duds.  In group C, the winner was the 1971-74 Seals home jersey with 60% of the vote, while in group D, the winner was the 1974-76 away jersey with 67% of the vote. Back in September it was announced that the winner from group A, representing the WHL years, was the Seals’ 1966-67 away jersey, while the group B winner was the 1969-70 Oakland Seals away jersey.  Just one group left to decide, and then the five winners will fight to the death to determine which uniform was the best!  Or maybe they’ll just lay there somewhere and do nothing at all since they’re just jerseys and have no will power, muscle mass, or ability to inflict harm on anything, but who knows.

I’m also adding a link to an interview I did this past Sunday for Overtime Hockey Talk.  Host Mark Paul and I talk about the Seals’ history, from the team’s origins in the Western Hockey League, to the team’s difficult first season and successful second season, Charlie Finley and the white skates (of course!), and some of my favourite Seals stories.  It’s 52 minutes, so just perfect for that morning or afternoon commute.  You can access the interview here.

One last new addition this week is a brand new Overexposed entry featuring Larry King (?).  Yeah, I know that sounds weird, but considering the other crazy crap I’ve featured in the Hockey Hall of Shame these last eighteen months, are you really surprised?

As usual, I like to finish my weekly entries by reminding everyone to cast their votes for the 2018 Seals Hall of Fame inductees.  You can vote on the right side of the page by simply clicking on the players (up to 3) you feel deserve to be inducted.

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