Where Would You Put a Horse Poster in Your Locker Room?

Welcome back everyone!  These posts are really starting to get difficult to write.  Man, is summer ever boring if you’re a hockey fan.  Hell, if you’re a SPORTS fan, it’s pretty damn boring.  Even if you like baseball, chances are your team is already out of the running for a playoff spot already.  If you’re a Blue Jays fan like me, that means you’ve been on neutral since about April.  There’s just nothing to talk about during the summer.  All they talk about on sports radio is tennis and golf, and I really couldn’t care less about either.  The UFC has gone down the toilet since GSP retired and Anderson Silva’s leg turned to Jell-O (if you saw “that” fight, you know what I mean).  Belts change hands every two weeks now, but just a few years ago, those things were practically welded to the waists of guys like them.  At least Jon Jones is back to bring back some form of legitimacy to the titles, and Cris Cyborg looks dominant too.  Anyway, I digress… Once NHL free agency season passes by, and the entry draft is nothing but a memory, the summer just drags on until about mid-September when we start hearing about training camps again.  And then October hits and we get the World Series, a new NBA season, and a new hockey season, and Sportscentre becomes must-see TV again.

Hey, how about that, I actually wrote a whole eight lines about how I had nothing to talk about.  Stay tuned for the exciting sequel to my lament next week!

This week, however, we present to you an interesting piece from February 1975, where Seals fans expressed their opinions on everything from what the Seals meant to them, how they felt about Marshall Johnston’s dismissal, how much Clarence Campbell didn’t give a damn about the Bay Area, and how bright the future seemed in Oakland. This week’s article is really an editorial from the Hayward Daily Review, and it will give you the opportunity to see the full scale of emotions that permeated among Seals fans during their “orphan” season when the NHL had possession of the team, and had really no idea what to do with it except wish for it to die.  Luckily, along came Mel Swig, and all was well, at least for another year or so.

The other new addition this week is a bizarre hockey card featuring Hall-of-Famer Denis Savard, during his not-so-memorable tenure with the Montreal Canadiens.  Luckily, Denis had his horses to pick him up when he was feeling down.

Until next time, stay gold!

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