And the Newest Inductees Are…

Hi everyone!  After a one-week hiatus, we’re back!  I’ve finally had the chance to finish the final edit and index for my upcoming book, and while it feels like another chapter of my life has just ended, I’m also glad it’s over.  Creating an index has to be the worst part of writing a book, and it’s the very last thing you will remember adding to your project, which makes it even worse, because indexing is mind-numbing, and creating a book should be fun and interesting.  Creating an index is tedious, meticulous, soul-crushing paperwork.  Writing down the name of every single person who appears in the book, and writing down every single page something interesting is mentioned about that person is God-awfully boring, and every time you think to yourself, “Oh, I think I can get through this many pages today”, you always end up doing far less, and it gets depressing and stressful.  Thank God it’s all over and done with, aside from the inevitable last review which I’ll probably end up doing in a few weeks.  Tonight, I can take a night off and watch some Mystery Science Theater 3000, have a beer, and eat some nachos.  But before I do that, there’s important business to take care of… the Seals Hall of Fame inductions!

Without further ado, the three newest members of the Seals Hall of Fame, as voted by you, are Gary Smith, Reggie Leach, and Bob Stewart!  Thanks to everyone who voted.  In the coming months, there will be a new survey to choose the inductees for 2018.  Next week will be the one-year anniversary of the site so there will be a few fun new additions to the site, as well as the usual additions you’ve become accustomed to seeing around here.

New this week, I present you an article from February 1973 describing what must have been a very typical post-game situation for Fred Glover: considering whether or not he would off himself or simply medicate himself to the point where he wouldn’t feel anymore pain.  I’m serious.  Take a look over in the articles section to find out for yourself.

This week’s other new addition is a Brad Park card from the legendary 1971-72 O-Pee-Chee set, where he attempts to take the worst slap shot in visually-recorded memory,  Or maybe he’s practicing his putts.  Whatever he’s doing, it’s weird.

Until next time, stay gold!

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