This Week Only: “The Axe” vs. “The Ass”

Hi everyone! Well, I’ve managed to stave off the stomach flu this time around, which means I’ve been able to get to updating this site once again for all of you out there.

This week, I’ve added an interesting new article that confirms Gary “The Axe” Smith was once the world’s most well-travelled netminder. By “well-travelled”, I mean, someone who scooted out of his crease so much to handle the puck he should have been awarded frequent flyer miles. This little adventure is at least the third time Smith attempted, or seemed to have some small desire, to score a goal. He tried it at least once when his Toronto Maple Leafs were playing Montreal, and he tried one more time in 1969-70 as the Seals were playing those same Leafs, but both times he was unsuccessful. This third attempt, in January 1971, was more of a Ron Hextall impression, as Smith tried to shoot the puck into an empty net, but was unsuccessful.

I’ve also added a brand new card to the Overexposed wing of the Hockey Hall of Shame, this time featuring someone’s ass (and I mean that seriously, not to mention the fact that WHA star Andre Lacroix also makes an appearance on his own card). I honestly have no idea who the card’s usurper is, but maybe you can find out by checking out the card for yourself. It is definitely a worthy addition to the hallowed Hall!

There have been a number of new subscribers to the site the last few weeks, so I’d just like to remind everyone that they are invited to cast their votes for the (up to) three people they believe deserve to be enshrined in the Seals Hall of Fame. If you want, you can even write in your own vote by choosing the option at the bottom of the survey.

Until next time, stay gold!