Official Book Launch Today!

Hi everyone! HUGE update today, folks!  First of all, my book, The California Golden Seals: a Tale of White Skates, Red Ink, and One of the NHL’s Most Outlandish Teams is now officially available, and if you haven’t already pre-ordered it, you can pick it up from the University of Nebraska Press for $36.95 US… no, wait, we can do better than that.  If you order in the next 30 minutes, you can get the book at a 30% discount!  Come to think of it, I always wondered how that “30-minute” thing made any sense.  Considering these commercials are probably always on somewhere in North America at any time of any given day, couldn’t you just order the product in question at any time and get the special offer.  Is it even possible to buy the product at the regular price?  Suddenly, that special offer just seems like a regular old offer, and that doesn’t seem so special to me. Oh, well… anyway, you can download the order form for my book here and then you just have to follow the instructions to get the book delivered to your home; it’s that simple!  Don’t forget to include the promo code to get the discount.  You can also visit my book detail page at the University of Nebraska website for more information on what’s inside.

Most important, and I can’t stress this enough, if you like the book, please leave some feedback and a rating on or, depending on the country where you live.  Other good places to leave comments are Goodreads and Library Thing.  You can create an account and rate all of your favourite books and join groups of readers with similar interests to share insight on what books you should read next.

And if that isn’t enough good news, there is a brand new interview featuring yours truly now available in the video and audio section!  It’s only 12 minutes long, so it’s not very time-consuming, so give it a listen.  There will be other interviews in the coming weeks as well, so come back to the site for more updates on when those will start appearing online.  This Saturday, I will be taping an hour-long interview with Tim Hanlon of Good Seats Still Available.  You’ve probably already heard his two interviews with Mark Greczmiel and Krazy George Henderson, but if you haven’t, check those out as well in the video and audio section.

I will also be doing a Reddit AMA on Friday, November 10, from 9-10pm after my son goes down for the night.  Hopefully, he won’t be climbing out of his crib and forcing me to put him back in while holding my laptop and typing all at the same time.  It might make for an interesting experience, so check it out.

Oh, and there is so much more this week!  There is a Len Haley expo in the photo section, thanks to subscriber Dave Martell.  He sent along some great rare photos you will want to check out.

Wow, that’s a lot of new stuff.  That should keep you guys busy for a little while.  Until next time, stay gold!