This Week’s Main Event: Marshall vs. Kurtenbach! It’s On!

Hi everyone.  Welcome back for another week of California Golden Seals action and other oddball additions. A few weeks ago subscriber Warren Shapiro requested an article on Seals defenseman Bert Marshall, and so this week, I’ve added that to the articles section.  It wasn’t easy finding an article about Mr. Marshall, however, as he was not the most headline-grabbing of players scoring only 8 goals in 313 career games with the Seals.  He wasn’t a big scorer for the Seals, and by his own admission, he was not much of a fighter either.  This short piece is a funny story, told by Marshall himself, about how he confronted former San Francisco Seal Orland Kurtenbach, who was a very good fighter, one night when the Red Wings and Rangers faced each other.  You can read it here.

The other new addition to the site is a strange card from the 1973-74 O-Pee-Chee set featuring the Vancouver Canucks’ Bobby Schmautz.  When I first saw it, I could bear-ly believe it.  You’ll have to check it out for yourselves to see what I mean.

Finally, there’s some big news for any Seals and Barons fans in the Toronto area.  On October 23, Seals fan (and Golden Seals Hockey subscriber) Gene Willis is organizing a Seals/Barons Night at St. Mike’s College in Ontario’s capital city.  It’s shaping up to be a great evening.  So far, he has been able to get Bob Baun, Joey Johnston, Dennis Maruk, Terry Clancy, Howie Menard, Wayne Carleton, and Morris Mott to attend.  I will be there as well with (hopefully) a few advanced copies of my book, so if you want to pick one up a week before it hits the market, you’re (hopefully) in luck.  Gene is also hoping to have Mark Greczmiel come on down as well to show his recently-completed documentary on the Seals, but nothing confirmed yet.  As I get more details, I will post them to the site.

Until next time, stay gold!