Who is Kerry Toporowski? He’s the Latest to be Overexposed!

Hi everyone! Welcome back once again for another installment of hockey insanity courtesy of Golden Seals Hockey.

In the articles section this week, a brand new piece about the Seals’ last NHL game in which hotshot rookie Dennis Maruk scored two goals to dust off the L.A. Kings.  Speaking of Dennis Maruk, he has written a new book about his life with the help of Rogers Sportsnet’s Ken Reid.  You can check out some of the details over at Amazon.  Ken wrote one of the blurbs for my own book (also available on Amazon, by the way), and he was nice enough to write two of them, so I could choose which one I liked best.  His first book, Hockey Card Stories is a must-read for anyone who not only enjoys Overexposed, but who also likes actual research to go along with the card analysis.  As I’m writing this I’m about half-way through Ken’s latest book, One Night Only, which is about some of the players who only got to play in one career NHL game.  It’s a very interesting read full of stories and anecdotes you have never heard of from little-known players who have led truly fascinating lives and rubbed elbows with hockey’s elite.  As for Dennis Maruk, I have a personal connection with him as well.  He was one of the first players to agree to be interviewed for my book, way back in 2009 (yeah, it took me that long to finish this thing) and he was by far the biggest star player I got to speak to, so that was a big boost to my confidence as a first-time writer when he took the time to write me back.

Also new this week, the Overexposed wing of the Hockey Hall of Shame features a bizarre entry from the wonderfully weird 1991-92 Ultimate Draft set.  Minor-league tough guy Kerry Toporowski gets the treatment this week, not that this card is at all his fault, as is usually the case when it comes to these cardboard crap-a-thons.

Until next time, stay gold!